July 24, 2024
UK startup’s innovative bacteria-powered battery technology
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UK startup’s innovative bacteria-powered battery technology

Jun 11, 2024

“Bactery, a UK startup originating from the University of Bath, has made waves with its innovative bacteria-powered battery technology, aimed at revolutionizing sustainable power in agriculture. This groundbreaking development offers a green alternative to traditional power sources for the increasingly prevalent Internet of Things (IoT) devices used in farming.

By harnessing the natural processes of microorganisms present in soil, Bactery’s renewable energy batteries provide a long-lasting, practical, and affordable solution for powering sensors and other IoT devices on farms. This technology not only eliminates the hassle of replacing single-use batteries or dealing with expensive cabling but also promises longevity, with a lifespan exceeding 25 years without the need for maintenance.

Professor Mirella Di Lorenzo emphasized the significance of data-driven decision-making in modern agriculture, highlighting how Bactery’s innovation removes barriers to gathering vital information for resource-efficient practices. Dr. Ben Betcalfe further underscored the versatility of Bactery’s technology beyond agriculture, envisioning its potential to generate clean energy in various sectors.

While a commercial product isn’t expected until 2026, Bactery is actively refining its technology for small-scale production, following successful early tests, including one in a Brazilian fishing village where it powered a water filtration system.

Dr. Jakub Dziegielowski expressed excitement about the company’s journey and its future impact, emphasizing the rewarding experience of translating research into tangible solutions. With its sights set on making a positive difference, Bactery is poised to leave a lasting mark not only in agriculture but also across other industries.”

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