July 24, 2024
Thodupuzha to the world: Selna saji’s solar success

Thodupuzha to the world: Selna saji’s solar success

May 31, 2024

In a world increasingly threatened by environmental degradation and global warming, the quest for sustainable energy sources has become more urgent than ever. Governments worldwide are encouraging the adoption of renewable energy solutions, with solar power at the forefront. In India, the acceptance of solar panels is growing not only among large corporations but also among domestic consumers. However, selecting a solar panel service poses several challenges for consumers, challenges that need addressing. Recognizing this gap, Selna Saji from Moolamattam, Thodupuzha, in the Idukki district of Kerala, embarked on a mission to create her own enterprise, Zircle Solar Solutions.

Selna’s journey began during her undergraduate studies, where she focused on the potential of renewable energy. Driven by her passion, she started her career in this sector. After gaining valuable experience and establishing her company in Delhi, she decided to expand her operations to her home state of Kerala. Zircle Solar Solutions was born out of her determination to solve a significant issue in the solar industry: the difficulty consumers face in choosing the right solar panel service.

Funded initially by investments from close relatives and friends, Zircle now attracts venture capital investments as well. Selna’s company addresses the primary challenges domestic consumers face when purchasing solar panels: finding cost-effective, high-quality panels that generate the necessary amount of energy. Many consumers tend to buy panels based on recommendations from acquaintances without proper research. To address this, Zircle evaluates consumers’ electricity bills, introduces them to various companies, helps them purchase panels from their preferred provider, and ensures service warranties from both the companies and Zircle itself. This comprehensive approach, providing a range of solar companies under one roof, sets Zircle apart. Instead of making choices alone, consumers receive direct assistance from Zircle’s representatives.

Selna emphasizes that solar energy is India’s best option for reducing fossil fuel consumption and promoting eco-friendly energy. While hydroelectric and wind energy vary by state, solar energy is abundant across the country. However, states like Kerala face geographical challenges in deploying commercial-scale solar panels, unlike Gujarat. Additionally, establishing a solar power distribution network would entail significant costs for the government.

The advantage of solar energy is its ability to produce electricity where it is needed. For the average consumer, self-generated electricity is much cheaper than conventional sources. The cost of solar panels has also significantly decreased over the past decade, making investing in them a wise choice, according to Selna. Despite the many benefits, misconceptions about solar energy persist among the people of Kerala.

There are also bureaucratic complexities related to solar electricity connectivity, causing some consumers to delay their plans to purchase panels. Zircle helps these consumers by not only facilitating panel purchases but also assisting those with high electricity bills in evaluating and reducing their costs. The company continuously monitors new technologies in the sector, ensuring that beneficial advancements are made available to consumers.

As Selna steps into the Kerala market with her year-old enterprise, Zircle Solar Solutions, she is driven by a vision of creating a more sustainable future. Her story is a testament to the impact of one person’s determination to bring about positive environmental change and inspire others in the process.

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