July 19, 2024
Queen’s University Belfast Launches India Academic Excellence Award 2024 Scholarship
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Queen’s University Belfast Launches India Academic Excellence Award 2024 Scholarship

Jun 3, 2024

Queen’s University Belfast has unveiled the prestigious India Academic Excellence Award 2024 scholarship, tailored for bright students hailing from India who are embarking on their full-time undergraduate studies at the university in September 2024.

The scholarship, designed exclusively for Indian students, presents a remarkable opportunity for academic achievers to pursue their higher education aspirations at one of the UK’s leading institutions. With a total of 15 scholarships up for grabs, eligible candidates are encouraged to seize this chance to kickstart their academic journey in Belfast.

To qualify for consideration, applicants must fulfill the following eligibility criteria:

  • Attend or have attended a school in India and be ordinarily resident in India.
  • Achieve an outstanding overall score of 85 per cent or above in their 12th Grade (CBSE or equivalent) examinations.

The India Academic Excellence Award offers a substantial £7,500 reduction in tuition fees for the inaugural year of study. It is important to note that the scholarship is applicable solely for the first year and is deducted from gross tuition fees upon enrollment. Moreover, candidates must be self-funded international fee-paying students, paying the full international tuition fee rate, with their domicile being India.

Interested candidates are required to submit an online application via the official website of Queen’s University Belfast before the deadline on June 7, 3 pm BST (7:30 pm IST). Additionally, eligible applicants must furnish an essay of up to 750 words elucidating their motivation to study at Queen’s University Belfast and how their chosen program aligns with their career aspirations.

This initiative underscores Queen’s University Belfast’s commitment to fostering academic excellence and facilitating access to higher education for talented students from diverse backgrounds. With its esteemed reputation and vibrant academic community, Queen’s University Belfast stands as an ideal destination for aspiring scholars seeking to embark on a fulfilling academic journey.

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