July 24, 2024
Punjab Partners with Microsoft to Empower Youth with Digital Skills
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Punjab Partners with Microsoft to Empower Youth with Digital Skills

Jun 22, 2024

In a significant move aimed at boosting employment opportunities and skill development among Punjab’s youth, the Punjab Skill Development Mission (PSDM) has forged a strategic alliance with Microsoft Corporation India Pvt Ltd. Under this partnership, an MoU was signed to impart crucial digital and employability skills to at least 10,000 youths in the state annually.

The MoU signing ceremony, held recently, marked a milestone in Punjab’s efforts to align its youth with global workforce demands. Director of PSDM, Amrit Singh, and Microsoft’s Country Head for Education, Sanjay Dhingra, formalized the agreement, emphasizing its potential to equip young Punjab residents with essential skills such as digital productivity, English communication, entrepreneurship, and advanced technologies like cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), cyber security, and sustainability.

Punjab’s Employment Generation, Skill Development, and Training Minister, Aman Arora, hailed the collaboration as a transformative step towards enhancing employability and livelihood prospects for the state’s youth. “This partnership underscores our commitment to leaving no stone unturned in creating viable job opportunities,” Minister Arora affirmed.

Amrit Singh further elaborated on the comprehensive skills development initiatives planned for the upcoming year, tailored to meet diverse learner needs and industry demands. These initiatives aim not only to augment skill sets but also to facilitate entry into AI-enabled careers and bolster workforce participation rates among rural youth, women, girls, and persons with disabilities.

The collaboration includes specialized training programs encompassing foundational digital skills, AI fluency, and industry-relevant certifications. It also features awareness campaigns and intensive training sessions focused on cloud computing, AI, cybersecurity, and sustainability, all essential for thriving in today’s competitive job market.

“This initiative is a testament to our commitment to fulfilling industry manpower requirements by nurturing a skilled workforce from Punjab,” Amrit Singh reiterated, highlighting plans for future collaborations with additional industry partners to further expand skill development opportunities.

With this partnership, Punjab aims to empower its youth with the expertise needed to excel in an increasingly digital and AI-driven economy, thereby fostering sustainable growth and prosperity across the state.

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