July 19, 2024
Oxford PV Sets New World Record in Solar Panel Efficiency
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Oxford PV Sets New World Record in Solar Panel Efficiency

Jun 20, 2024

Oxford PV, a UK-based startup specializing in solar technology, has achieved a groundbreaking milestone in solar panel efficiency. The company unveiled a next-generation tandem solar cell that integrates perovskite with traditional silicon, achieving an impressive 26.9% efficiency. This marks a substantial 7.5% improvement over existing silicon modules of similar size, setting a new world record for residential-scale solar panels.

The tandem solar cell, designed for residential applications with a footprint of approximately 1.6 square meters and weighing less than 25 kilograms, promises significant benefits for homeowners, commercial entities, and utility providers alike. According to Oxford PV CEO David Ward, this advancement translates to over 20% more power output from the same panel size, reducing installation costs and accelerating the global transition to renewable energy.

This achievement underscores Oxford PV’s ongoing commitment to advancing solar technology. Just months ago, the company set a record with 25% efficiency on an industrial-scale module, demonstrating rapid progress in commercializing high-efficiency solar solutions.

With a manufacturing facility established in Brandenburg an der Havel, Germany, Oxford PV aims to scale production of its innovative solar cells. The company’s Chief Technology Officer, Chris Case, emphasized their vision of integrating high-efficiency solar technology into widespread commercial use, supporting a sustainable, all-electric future.

This breakthrough comes amidst a competitive landscape in solar research, with global efforts focused on enhancing efficiency and affordability to drive broader adoption of renewable energy solutions. Oxford PV’s achievement not only sets a new benchmark in solar panel efficiency but also signifies a significant step towards achieving global renewable energy targets.

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