July 19, 2024
Meta Launches Ray-Ban Smart Glasses with Extended Video Recording
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Meta Launches Ray-Ban Smart Glasses with Extended Video Recording

Jun 24, 2024

Meta has unveiled the latest v6.0 update for its Ray-Ban smart glasses, introducing expanded capabilities and new functionalities. Prominently featured in this update is the extension of video recording duration from the previous 1-minute limit to a maximum of 3 minutes, providing users with increased flexibility in capturing longer moments seamlessly.

DigitalTrends reports that while the default setting remains at 60 seconds, users can manually adjust the recording duration through the camera settings menu, which now includes options for 15, 30, 60 seconds, and the newly added 3-minute setting.

Moreover, the update integrates Calm, a leading mindfulness and meditation platform, directly into the smart glasses, enabling users to access guided meditation and self-care exercises hands-free. Additionally, users can now stream music from Amazon Music with a subscription, enhancing the glasses’ entertainment capabilities.

Meta has also introduced voice-enabled sharing for Instagram, allowing users to effortlessly post photos to their Instagram stories using simple voice commands.

The v6.0 update underscores Meta’s commitment to enhancing user experience and expanding the functionalities of its smart glasses, catering to both productivity and leisure needs seamlessly.

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