July 24, 2024
Brain Chips to Replace Phones in future: Elon musk
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Brain Chips to Replace Phones in future: Elon musk

Jun 19, 2024

Elon Musk, CEO of Neuralink, has sparked a discussion about the future of technology with his bold claim that brain chips could one day replace traditional smartphones. Responding to an AI-generated image depicting him with a Neuralink interface on his forehead, Musk stated, “In the future, there will be no phones, just Neuralinks.”

Neuralink, Musk’s venture focused on developing brain chip technology, recently achieved a significant milestone by conducting its first human trials. Noland Arbaugh, a 29-year-old who was paralyzed from the shoulders down following an accident, underwent the pioneering brain surgery on January 28. Reports indicate Arbaugh is showing promising signs of recovery, with improvements noted in his ability to engage in activities such as playing chess.

In a streamed video earlier this year, Arbaugh expressed his enthusiasm for Neuralink’s transformative impact on his life, describing the experience as “crazy” and “cool.” He highlighted how the technology has enabled him to regain abilities he thought he had lost forever.

Despite these advancements, Neuralink faces challenges. A former animal care specialist, Lindsay Short, recently filed a lawsuit against the company, alleging inadequate safety measures while handling animals infected with a potentially dangerous virus. This development underscores ongoing regulatory and operational hurdles for Neuralink as it continues to push the boundaries of neuroscience and technology.

Looking ahead, Neuralink’s announcement of accepting applications for a second participant signals continued progress towards its goal of revolutionizing human-computer interaction through telepathic cybernetic implants.

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