July 24, 2024
“Young Indian Influencer Dazzles Cannes with Self-Made Dress”
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“Young Indian Influencer Dazzles Cannes with Self-Made Dress”

May 21, 2024

Despite not being a Bollywood star or a millionaire, a young woman from Uttar Pradesh has become a source of national pride by earning an invitation to the prestigious Cannes Film Festival. At just 23 years old, Nancy Tyagi, an internet fashion influencer, has turned her dreams into reality, surpassing her own expectations.

Nancy became a viral sensation by showcasing outfits similar to those worn by celebrities, all created on her mother’s old sewing machine. Her determination to pursue her passion, despite financial constraints, led to her remarkable opportunity at Cannes.

The world was astonished to see Nancy on the red carpet in a 20-kilogram gown she had sewn herself. The dress, made from fabrics sourced from local markets, utilized an impressive 1,000 meters of fabric. Representing India at Cannes, Nancy also earned praise for her willingness to speak in her native language, Hindi, at the international venue.

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