July 24, 2024
US Top Choice For Indian Students, Followed By UK, Canada, Australia: Report
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US Top Choice For Indian Students, Followed By UK, Canada, Australia: Report

May 17, 2024

Indian students who aspire to pursue education abroad have a clear preference for the US, with a significant majority of 69% expressing their interest in studying there.
The US surpassed other popular choices such as the UK (54%), Canada (43%), and Australia (27%), despite concerns about affordability, safety and security, revealed the second edition of Oxford International’s Student Global Mobility Index (SGMI) report. The report released Monday shed light on the evolving trends in student migration, particularly among Indians seeking higher education abroad.

The primary driving force behind Indian students’ decision to study in the four most popular overseas destinations-the UK, the US, Canada, and Australia-is the prestigious reputation of the universities in these countries, a trend that is consistent with students from other nations.

Specifically, 45% of students cited the quality of education, and 42% emphasised the reputation of universities as crucial factors for choosing the US. By comparison, for the UK, 59% of students prioritised the quality of education while 61% focused on the reputation of universities. However, for Canada, the ability to combine work and study is the most frequently mentioned motivating factor. Mohit Gambir, managing director, Oxford International Education Services, said, “As aspirations intertwine with opportunity, the narrative of global student mobility continues to evolve, reflecting a mosaic of motivations and influencers shaping the educational journey.”

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