July 19, 2024
University of Manchester Announces Scholarships for Indian Students
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University of Manchester Announces Scholarships for Indian Students

May 27, 2024

In a bid to foster academic excellence and support exceptional Indian students, the University of Manchester has unveiled a range of scholarships for the September 2024 intake. These scholarships cater to both undergraduate and postgraduate students, aiming to alleviate financial barriers and encourage pursuit of higher education at the esteemed institution.

Among the offerings, the Global Futures Scholarship stands out, extending its reach to students worldwide, including those from India. Undergraduate aspirants have the opportunity to vie for 100 merit-based scholarships valued at £21,000 each. Eligible applicants must be seeking direct entry into the university in 2024, holding or pursuing qualifications such as A Levels, IB Diploma, or Indian Class 12 from select boards, among others. Similarly, postgraduate students can compete for 100 scholarships amounting to £8,000, with selection criteria emphasizing academic merit and the quality of their scholarship applications.

Furthermore, the university’s Humanities Department presents the Humanities Bicentenary Scholarships, offering financial assistance to deserving candidates. Undergraduate beneficiaries stand to receive £2,000 annually throughout their course duration, while postgraduate awardees are granted £10,000 for one academic year. Notably, these scholarships cater to programs under the School of Arts, Languages and Culture, as well as the School of Environment, Education and Development.

For those inclined towards humanities disciplines at the postgraduate level, the Humanities International Excellence Scholarship presents an enticing opportunity. Applicants must hold an offer to study at the university, demonstrating academic achievement with an overall score of 60 – 70 per cent in their undergraduate studies, varying by Indian institution.

It is imperative for prospective applicants to visit the respective scholarship web pages for comprehensive details regarding eligibility criteria and application procedures. Notably, all scholarships awarded by the University of Manchester are applied as tuition fee deductions upon registration.

With these initiatives, the University of Manchester reaffirms its commitment to nurturing global talent and fostering academic excellence among Indian students, inviting them to seize these opportunities for personal and intellectual growth.

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