July 19, 2024
Nothing CEO Carl Pei Delays Nothing Phone 3, Emphasizes AI Integration and Unique Approach
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Nothing CEO Carl Pei Delays Nothing Phone 3, Emphasizes AI Integration and Unique Approach

Jun 6, 2024

In a surprising turn of events, Nothing CEO Carl Pei has announced that the highly anticipated Nothing Phone 3 will not be making its debut in 2024, contrary to industry speculations. While the company had never officially confirmed a release for this year, the decision marks a departure from the conventional smartphone industry timeline.

Pei took to X (formerly Twitter) to address the delay, emphasizing the paramount importance of “getting the product right” as the primary reason behind the postponement. In a video shared on the platform, he outlined Nothing’s commitment to integrating advanced artificial intelligence (AI) into their upcoming device, positioning it as a bridge between current app-based experiences and a future post-app world.

During the video, Pei criticized recent AI-first products, such as the Humane Ai Pin and Rabbit R1, for their failure to seamlessly integrate with existing apps, forcing users to abandon familiar functionalities. He underscored Nothing’s dedication to retaining the smartphone form factor while revolutionizing user experiences through AI technology.

Drawing inspiration from Nintendo’s “blue ocean” strategy, which prioritizes creating unique and engaging products over direct competition, Pei outlined Nothing’s vision for innovation. Rather than simply following industry trends, the company aims to pioneer new paths in the tech landscape.

A significant portion of the video featured Nothing software engineer Walid Behlock, who showcased prototypes of an AI-first home screen and an onboarding process for an AI companion. The home screen, designed to replace traditional app launchers, anticipates user needs by displaying relevant information and shortcuts. Meanwhile, the AI companion prototype adapts its behavior and voice based on individual user preferences, enhancing personalization.

Despite the delay, Pei did not provide a specific release timeline for the Nothing Phone 3. Speculations suggest a potential launch in the summer of 2025, although the exact timing remains uncertain. This flexible approach aims to ensure product readiness and innovation, aligning with Nothing’s commitment to delivering groundbreaking experiences to consumers.

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