July 24, 2024
New Zealand’s Bold Move: Enhanced Opportunities for International Students and Families
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New Zealand’s Bold Move: Enhanced Opportunities for International Students and Families

Jul 1, 2024

Great news for international students planning to study in New Zealand! The New Zealand Government has announced significant updates to enhance the study experience for international students and their families.

One of the key updates includes expanding work rights for spouses of students pursuing Level 7 or 8 Bachelor’s Qualifications leading to registration listed on the Green List. Spouses of these students can now apply for a work visa with open conditions, allowing them to work for any employer in New Zealand. This change aims to provide flexibility and support career opportunities for spouses of international students.

Additionally, the Green List has been updated to include bachelor’s degrees and bachelor’s honours qualifications that lead to registration for selected occupations. This update emphasizes qualifications necessary for certain professions rather than solely NZQA qualifications, broadening the eligibility criteria for work visas for partners.

In another positive development, dependent school-aged children of eligible partners will now be considered domestic students. This means they can apply for a Dependent Child Student Visa and are exempt from paying international tuition fees, making quality education more accessible for families.

These updates make New Zealand an even more attractive destination for international students seeking higher education opportunities with enhanced support for their families. For more detailed information, aspiring students and their families are encouraged to check the updated Green List on the New Zealand Government’s Immigration Website.

Considering these advancements, New Zealand stands out as a top choice for international students looking to build a successful career while providing their families with a supportive and enriching environment.

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