July 24, 2024
New Law: German citizenship will be obtained in just 5 years
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New Law: German citizenship will be obtained in just 5 years

Jun 29, 2024

Germany has introduced a new citizenship law aimed at potentially speeding up the acquisition of German citizenship for foreign residents while maintaining the integrity of true citizenship. The law, effective as of yesterday, is expected to significantly streamline the naturalization process for foreigners residing in Germany.

Under the new regulations, foreign nationals living in Germany can retain their original citizenship while obtaining German citizenship at an accelerated pace. Applicants must demonstrate a period of residency in Germany of at least five years, reduced from the previous requirement of eight years.

Moreover, individuals married to German citizens can now apply for citizenship after only three years of residency, down from the previous requirement of five years. Criteria such as exemplary employment history, active engagement in community activities, financial independence, and proficiency in the German language will be considered during the evaluation process.

Children born to foreign parents in Germany will now automatically acquire German citizenship, provided one parent has had permanent residency for at least five years. This provision marks a significant departure from previous policies, ensuring greater inclusivity and support for immigrant families.

Commenting on the new law, Federal Interior Minister Hansi Faiser emphasized its role in promoting social justice and integration. However, opposition parties have criticized the reforms, warning of potential negative impacts on national identity and societal cohesion.

The reforms are set to be closely monitored over the coming years, with further adjustments possible depending on their impact on German society.

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