July 19, 2024
NASA to train ISRO astronauts
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NASA to train ISRO astronauts

Jun 18, 2024

India and the United States have agreed on a new plan to work together more closely in space exploration. This includes training Indian astronauts at NASA’s Johnson Space Center and possibly sending Indian astronauts to the moon as part of NASA’s Artemis program.

They also discussed teaming up on different space technologies. One big goal is arranging a mission where NASA and India’s space agency, ISRO, send astronauts together to the International Space Station. This mission could be a major step forward in their space partnership.

They also talked about improving their defense cooperation in space, including recent meetings at the Pentagon about space security. Another project in the works is a new satellite called the NASA-ISRO Synthetic Aperture Radar, which will help map the Earth’s surface regularly to tackle issues like climate change.

Additionally, there’s a new collaboration between the US Space Force and two Indian startups, 114ai and 3rdiTech, to work on technologies like better sensors for space awareness and infrared sensors.

Overall, these efforts show how India and the US are deepening their cooperation in space to benefit both countries and tackle global challenges.

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