July 24, 2024
Media Greenworld: The World of Positive News
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Media Greenworld: The World of Positive News

May 21, 2024

Opening a window to the world of positive news, Media Greenworld was launched by Greenworld International, which operates across countries like India, UAE, UK, Canada, Australia, and Uzbekistan, creating hundreds of entrepreneurs. The launch ceremony of Media Greenworld, the latest initiative by Greenworld International, was held at Kochi Infopark. The website launch of Media Greenworld was carried out by Anna Susan and Renku K. Haridas, owners of “Ente Samrambham” business magazine.

Unlike regular news channels, Media Greenworld delivers positive news from various parts of the world to its viewers. With the goal of comprehensive coverage related to employment, educational notifications, and environment-friendly sustainable development projects, Media Greenworld aims to make a difference.

The launch took place at the Be Global Mission 2k30 Business Strategy Meetup organized by Greenworld International. Business strategist and Brahma Consulting CEO A.R. Ranjith unveiled the Media Greenworld logo at the ceremony.

Dr. Vinodkumar T.A (DMS D-Lit USA), Chairman of Greenworld International, Shaji Joseph, Global Director of Greenworld, COO Rajimol Sandeep, CMO Nikhil Krishna U, Media Greenworld Head Anfeeq P.S., and Creative Manager Jinu Giriprakash were also present at the event.

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