July 24, 2024
ICICI Bank Launches Sapphiro Forex Card for Students Heading Abroad
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ICICI Bank Launches Sapphiro Forex Card for Students Heading Abroad

Jul 3, 2024

ICICI Bank has introduced the Sapphiro Forex Card, designed specifically for students heading abroad for higher education. This prepaid card, in collaboration with Visa, aims to streamline education-related expenses such as admission fees, course fees, and everyday costs like travel, dining, and groceries. Notably, the card allows transactions in 15 different currencies without imposing cross-currency mark-up charges, enhancing convenience for students traveling globally.

According to the bank, the Sapphiro Forex Card offers joining benefits worth up to Rs 15,000, alongside exclusive privileges. It includes a welcome kit containing both a primary and a replacement card, which can be activated digitally through iMobile Pay, internet banking, or customer care in case of loss or damage to the primary card.

Moreover, reloading the card is made seamless through iMobile Pay and internet banking, allowing students and their parents to add funds instantly from anywhere at any time.

This initiative underscores ICICI Bank’s commitment to catering to the financial needs of students studying abroad, providing them with enhanced financial flexibility and peace of mind during their educational journey.

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