July 24, 2024
Google to Manufacture Pixel Smartphones and Drones in India
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Google to Manufacture Pixel Smartphones and Drones in India

May 24, 2024

In a significant move, tech giant Google has announced plans to commence manufacturing its Pixel smartphones in India, marking a strategic shift in its production operations. According to sources familiar with the development, Google will partner with Foxconn to produce Pixel devices at an existing facility located in the southern state of Tamil Nadu.

This decision comes amid a global trend of diversifying supply chains away from China, driven by geopolitical tensions with the West. India has emerged as a key destination for such diversification, offering a favorable environment for manufacturing expansion.

Google’s commitment to the Indian market was underscored by its announcement last year to initiate Pixel smartphone production in the country, starting with the Pixel 8 model. Emphasizing India as a priority market for Pixel smartphones, Google aims to deliver top-notch hardware and software capabilities to consumers across the nation.

Sources revealed that Google and Foxconn have finalized a contract for the production of advanced versions of Pixel smartphones, with manufacturing slated to commence within this calendar year.

In addition to smartphones, Google is set to independently manufacture drones in Tamil Nadu, further solidifying its presence in the state’s burgeoning manufacturing landscape.

Foxconn, which already operates two facilities in Tamil Nadu, including one that assembles Apple’s iPhones, will now add Google’s Pixel smartphones to its production portfolio.

Google’s decision to localize Pixel production in Tamil Nadu follows constructive engagements between state officials and company executives. A forthcoming meeting between Google representatives and Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin is expected to further solidify collaboration between the tech giant and the state government.

This move not only demonstrates Google’s commitment to meeting the evolving demands of the Indian market but also underscores India’s attractiveness as a preferred destination for global tech firms seeking to diversify their manufacturing operations.

Stay tuned for further updates as Google gears up to commence production of Pixel smartphones and drones in India, signaling a new chapter in the country’s tech manufacturing landscape.

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