July 24, 2024
Google Partners with Moody’s, Thomson Reuters, and Others to Enhance AI Accuracy
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Google Partners with Moody’s, Thomson Reuters, and Others to Enhance AI Accuracy

Jun 28, 2024

Google has announced strategic partnerships with Moody’s, MSCI, Thomson Reuters, and Zoominfo to bolster the reliability and accuracy of its AI applications and agents. According to a recent blog post, these collaborations will leverage third-party data to enhance the performance and precision of Google’s Vertex AI platform.

Vertex AI will integrate data from Moody’s and Thomson Reuters, among others, enabling developers to access specialized datasets. This initiative aims to minimize errors and ensure more accurate responses from AI systems, reducing what Google refers to as ‘hallucinations’ in AI-generated outputs.

Burak Gokturk, VP & GM of cloud AI & industry solutions at Google Cloud, highlighted that this integration will empower enterprises to leverage third-party data effectively within their AI models. This approach is intended to unlock new use cases and enhance overall AI experiences by grounding them in verified, real-world information.

In addition to these partnerships, Google also introduced new AI features termed as “grounding capabilities.” These include Grounding with Google Search, which dynamically retrieves information to balance quality and cost efficiency, and Grounding with high-fidelity mode, enhancing factual accuracy and reducing misinformation in AI-generated content.

These advancements reflect Google’s commitment to providing enterprise customers with robust AI solutions integrated with trusted third-party data sources, thereby addressing concerns about AI reliability and fostering broader adoption in various industry sectors.

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