July 19, 2024
Elon Musk to Build World’s Largest Supercomputer
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Elon Musk to Build World’s Largest Supercomputer

Jun 6, 2024

In a groundbreaking move, Elon Musk unveils his ambitious plan to construct the world’s largest supercomputer, dubbed the Gigafactory of Compute, in Memphis, Tennessee. This mega-machine, powered by Nvidia’s H100 GPUs, aims to revolutionize artificial intelligence applications.

Musk’s visionary project promises to inject significant investment into Memphis, creating hundreds of jobs and elevating the city’s tech profile. Collaborating with local officials and xAI since March, the project targets a launch by fall 2025, pending approval from relevant authorities.

Ted Townsend, President and CEO of the Greater Memphis Chamber, underscores the project’s aggressive timeline and potential economic impact. Musk’s commitment to advancing AI technology aligns with his strategic vision to compete with industry giants like OpenAI, Google, and Meta.

While awaiting official approval, discussions include potential tax incentives to attract xAI. Though the exact location remains undisclosed for security reasons, speculation suggests it may occupy the former Electrolux Memphis facility.

Memphis Mayor Paul Young hails the project as transformative, positioning Memphis as a hub for AI innovation. Musk’s $750 million personal investment, part of xAI’s $6 billion Series B funding round, underscores the project’s magnitude.

Musk’s venture adds to Tennessee’s tech allure, with Oracle’s Chairman Larry Ellison and Inc. also eyeing the region for expansion. With Musk’s visionary leadership, Memphis stands poised for a historic leap in AI innovation, marking a pivotal moment in the city’s future.

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