July 24, 2024
Australian Government to Curb ‘Visa Hopping’
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Australian Government to Curb ‘Visa Hopping’

Jun 28, 2024

In a significant move aimed at regulating visa practices, the Australian government has announced tighter rules effective July 1, aimed at curbing what is known as ‘visa hopping’. This practice involves individuals switching from one visa category to another, often to extend their stay in the country.

The decision, announced by Minister of Home Affairs Clare O’Neil on June 12, specifically impacts visitor visa holders, who will no longer be permitted to apply for an Australian student visa while already in Australia. This measure comes in response to a notable increase in the number of applications under the visitor-to-student visa pathway, with over 36,000 such applications received from July 2023 to May 2024 alone.

The reforms also affect several visa subclasses, including the Temporary Graduate Visa, among others. Temporary Graduate Visa holders, under the new rules, must now seek skilled employment or consider becoming permanent residents, as applying for a student visa while in Australia will no longer be an option.

These changes, part of Australia’s broader Migration Strategy Reforms implemented on December 11, 2023, aim to address loopholes in the visa system. They are intended to ensure the integrity and quality of Australia’s international education sector while aligning with the country’s migration goals.

In response to these developments, prospective students aiming to study in Australia are advised to apply directly for a student visa to streamline the process and enhance their chances of approval. These measures underscore Australia’s commitment to maintaining a well-managed and strategic migration system that serves both national interests and the aspirations of international students.

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