July 19, 2024
Apple partners with open AI, introduces apple Intelligence
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Apple partners with open AI, introduces apple Intelligence

Jun 11, 2024

“Tech giant Apple unveils ‘Apple Intelligence’ at WWDC, integrating AI across its products and forging a partnership with OpenAI to empower Siri with ChatGPT capabilities. CEO Tim Cook touts AI as ‘indispensable,’ marking a strategic shift for the company.

Despite its long-standing use of AI, Apple refrained from adopting the term until now, aligning with industry trends following Google and Microsoft’s market successes. By joining OpenAI and leveraging ChatGPT, Apple aims to enhance Siri’s responsiveness and user experience.

Apple Intelligence promises seamless integration across apps, enabling intuitive commands like retrieving shared files or organizing photos based on people. Craig Federighi, Apple’s Senior VP of Software Engineering, highlights its ability to prioritize notifications during ‘do not disturb’ mode and assist with tasks such as text editing and photo manipulation.

This move signals Apple’s commitment to AI-driven innovation, positioning itself to compete in the evolving landscape of intelligent assistants and personalized user experiences. As users eagerly anticipate the rollout, the convergence of Apple’s hardware prowess with AI capabilities heralds a new era of intuitive technology.”

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